What is the Fire Pit?

The FIRE PIT is a place to equip and edify youth up to age 18 with a strong love of the word of God and knowledge of the love of the Father as they discover their identity through Christ. The Fire Pit is a place to explore God’s word while encouraging the youth to apply it to their lives and to train up a generation of bold disciples unashamed rightly dividing the word of truth through study. to train up a generation of bold disciples unashamed rightly dividing the word of truth through study. The Fire Pit is a safe, nurturing environment that teaches lessons in a fun, practical manner while allowing the youth to express themselves creatively through the use of their God-given gifts and talents, to love their neighbors through outreach and fellowship. Fun and educational Youth outings are planned to further help our youth come together as one body in Christ.


Who is the Fire Pit For?

The FIRE PIT is for young people from ages 3-17. Everyone is welcome. You do not have to know Jesus to be a part of PIT, although you may get to know Jesus while you are here. We have services for pre-school students all the way through high school age.

Plans For 2021

To Learn more about what the youth are doing in 2021, download the brochure. 

Why Should We Go?

THE FIRE PIT is more than just another church service. It is a place where you can find lasting friendship and purpose for your life. Whatever it is that you are seeking, you can find it at the PIT. There is a place for you here.

Private & Group Events

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Youth Choir

We, the Youth and Teens of The Revival Center, lift our voices and hearts to the Lord in spirit and in truth. Psalm 68:4 & John 4:24

Age Group – Ages 5 to 18 years old or Kindergarten through 12th grade

Rehearsal Dates –  4th Saturday mornings from 11:30-11:45 am in the Sanctuary

Dance Ministry

The mission of the dance ministry is to glorify the Lord, as demonstrated in scripture, through the worship art of dance. Our purpose is to spiritually cultivate its members, the church, and the community through song and praise accompanied by the wonderful expression of dance. Each member will be able to utilize their talents in the spirit of Holiness.

Age Group – Ages 5 to 18 years old or Kindergarten through 12th grade

Rehearsal Dates – TBD

Upcoming Events

Mime Rehearsal

May 30 at 1:30 PM 


Youth Worship Service

Wednesday night at 7:00 PM 

“Flame” Youth Service

June 9, 2021

Join us for the first youth service 

  • To offer Christ and salvation to the youth through the teaching of God’s word and kingdom principles.
  • To teach our youth who they are in Christ and how to represent the kingdom of God everyday.
  • To extend the love of the Father through ministry, outreach and evangelism opportunities.
  • To equip and edify our youth through bible teachings while laying a firm foundation rooted in God’s word.
  • To stress the importance and responsibility of representing the kingdom and TRCC through ministry and their everyday lives.
  • Training our youth to be the leaders and examples that they were created to be by taking their rightful place in the kingdom and God’s church.
  • To encourage our youth to love as God has commanded and to bear the fruit of the spirit.
  • To help out youth identify their natural and spiritual gifts.
  • To teach our youth to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Our Goals

The Revival Center at Cincinnati

Our mission is to help people in the surrounding communities perfect holiness while living everyday lives.Our purpose is to bring change to a world through prayer, praise and worship, the preached word, and the love of the Father.

© 2018 The Revival Center at Cincinnati

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