Marriage Ministry

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Mark 10:9

Marriage on Fire

The Revival Center at Cincinnati Marriage Ministry consists of couples ranging from young newlyweds to seasoned married couples who all came from different walks of life. This diversity of experience has been a key strength as we have loved, lived and grown together over this past year.  Our connection has been a blessing and helped enable us to learn, have fun and laugh.

We started out with monthly meetings to build a bond with one another and to determine what the couples wanted to learn from the ministry.  Our vision is to help all married couples to have healthy, balanced and long relationships by providing Christian-based education tools on how to love and cherish each other throughout their marital and family stages of life.  The first book we chose to study was The Five Love Languages (The Secret to Love That Lasts) by Gary Chapman.

Marriage Meeting

Come join us for our marriage ministry potluck on June 30, 2019. Everyone is invited. For more details, email us

The Revival Center at Cincinnati

Our mission is to help people in the surrounding communities perfect holiness while living everyday lives.Our purpose is to bring change to a world through prayer, praise and worship, the preached word, and the love of the Father.

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