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Thank you for your flexibility during the Covid-19 restrictions and rapidly changing days.We want to highlight a few important areas of ministry during this time. Please walk with us as we focus on what matters most. These are important days for your church and your family.

Service Changes until further notice

We are meeting exclusively online at 12PM Noon on Saturdays and 7:00 PM Wednesdays. Please gather with your family, sing along, take notes, engage in the chat comments and create conversations at home. Please note our facility is currently closed to public use.

Regathering Notice

The church is now open for in-house members only. For more information, please reach out to one of our Elders


What are plans?

The leadership team have developed plans to follow while playing it by ear for each service. We may call a “plan” so be mindful of what that means and listen for further instructions from your ministry leaders

Plan A- Normal Service

Plan B- Essential praise team and media report

Plan C- One Media team person and speaker report

Plan D- Building Close; Streaming at home

Plan E- Musicians and essential media team only; no praise team.

We need to stay connected and engage with one another in groups. We are transitioning to exclusively online groups to continue the relationships we are building. Groups leaders will reach out and give you information on how to continue to meet as a group. Also, we will be opening up new groups and opening up some current groups to include more people. Please be engaged in a group!

Your church is doing everything possible to continue quality ministry to you and your family. We have updated our method to make it very easy to give online. Please set up online giving either through the website portal, Cash App, Givelify, and Paypal. It will help keep the ministry momentum going. To give visit the giving page

We are very aware of the importance of connection, communication and engaging with one another. Please call one another, call back if you are left a voicemail, chat about life and pray for one another. We’re asking our teams, groups and leaders to begin to reach out. We want to connect with care!

Give Online

Every gift makes an impact! Prayerfully consider giving a special offering during this time.


Have more questions on how we are doing things?

What Platforms are you streaming to?

We will be livestreaming our services on Facebook Live here:

Facebook Live

If you don't have facebook, you can watch on youtube here:

Go to Youtube

What time are the livestreams?
We will be going live on facebook every Saturday at 12:00 PM and 1st & 3rd Sundays at 3:00 PM for our services. Midweek services on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.
Do you have an online community?

We believe it is very important for us to be in online community during this time. You can do that here:

Join our Facebook Church Group! To join this group, you must be a member or an approved partner.  Follow this link: 

Online Community

Can I Join or become a partner?
Want to apart of the The Revival Center Family or become a partner?: Follow this link:
Join Revival Nation
Is there something for my kids online?

Our Youth ministry meet every other Friday via zoom. To find out the next meeting, please visit our youth page.

Youth Page

Can I submit a prayer request?
You can submit your prayer request by clicking the button below. We would love to believe God with you! Our God will turn your prayer request into a praise report!

Prayer Request

How can I give financially?
During this time, digital giving will have to be the option to continue your tithing. You can give online by clicking the button below.

Online Giving

The Revival Center at Cincinnati

Our mission is to help people in the surrounding communities perfect holiness while living everyday lives.Our purpose is to bring change to a world through prayer, praise and worship, the preached word, and the love of the Father.

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